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The Exhibition ‘Pursuit.’ | Edinburgh, UK | 2023

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Art, Print, Print Art


January 28th - February 3, 2023 | Patriothall Gallery | Edinburgh, UK

The exhibition ‘Pursuit.’ is a showcase of artist development, seeking to explore the initial thought process behind artists' work. There is always the question of ‘what is the meaning behind this work and why make it?’ when viewing art.

Aner Wang's artwork titled 'Processing' (2022) is exhibited in the exhibition 'Pursuit.' this work aims to express critical thinking on human civilization, the automated and mechanized process of creation, and the concept of dehumanization. In this work, the process of creating is symbolized by the mechanized working process of a sewing machine to question creators about how to balance the enthusiasm for creation at the initial stage with the boredom of repeating patterns during processing.

Gocco Print on 300 gsm paper using black opaque binder
A3 Size with frame

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